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Ways in which You Can Improve Your Eye Sight - VancouverEyeGuide blog


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Ways in which You Can Improve Your Eye Sight


Close up of an eye | VancouverEyeGuide.comEye sight is the best gift that a human is given and it’s our responsibility to preserve the same. Often we tend to lose our natural eye sight with time and age and blame it on other factors. But eye sight is something that is affected by our habits and lifestyle choices, and there are certain ways in which we can stop that from happening

Tips to improve your eye sight

Your eyes are just like any other organ of your body and they need  normal rest and good exercise just like the other parts do. So relax your eyes at specific intervals while you are working on your computer or laptop. Focusing on something else which is about 20 feet away for a time period of as less as 20 seconds will make you feel immensely better. Taking short breaks or simply closing your eyes for few minutes is a good idea. You can rub your palms together to generate latent heat and then place it on your tired eyes for a good relaxing session.

Apart from doing simple eye exercises you will also have to focus on your daily dietary intake. Our eyes thrive on vitamin and essential nutrients found in green vegetables and fresh fruits. Carotene and flavonoids are also very good for eye health. Stay from junk food if you are aiming to better your eye sight.

Habits that hinder good eye sight

While you are doing things to keep your eye sight sharp, also simultaneously remember to make sure that you are avoiding things that could affect your eyes adversely.

First and foremost avoid spending too much time on electronic gadgets. Don’t watch television too closely and take frequent breaks while working on a laptop or computer. You would also be better off if you do not get addicted to playing games on your iPad or Smartphone. All this creates unnecessary strain on your eyes and hinders good eye sight.

Not wearing sun glasses and staying out in broad sunlight is another cause of weakened eye sight. Leading a stressful life or a totally sedentary one with no physical activates is also just as bad.

So keeping these things in mind, you can begin the journey of getting a better eye sight. Just make sure that you map your progress at decent time gaps; maintain a chart for doing the same to help keep track of the progress you’ve made.
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November 6, 2013 |

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