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Eye Floaters: Causes and Symptoms | VancouverEyeGuide


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Eye Floaters: Causes And Symptoms


Picture of an human eyeSometimes you may notice tiny strings or specks in the area of your vision when they look at the bright sky or a blank paper or any other object that is reflecting. These are eye floaters. Eye floaters are small spots that move in the field of vision. They float inside your eye and they are present in the fluid of the eyes. They generally do not cause any problem like discomfort or pain in the eyes.

Many people ignore eye floaters and they live with this for the rest of their lives. But sometimes it becomes a serious condition and it gives rise to serious problems like bleeding from the eye, retinal detachment or retinal tear. So medical attention must be sought if you feel it’s in a serious condition and you need doctor’s help to get rid of this

Causes of Eye Floaters:

There are several causes that can lead to eye floaters. Some of the major causes are as follows:


  • Age Related Changes: The eye floaters may develop with gradual ageing of the individuals. The lens and the cornea at the front of the eyes pass light at the back of your eyes. When the light passes through vitreous humor some changes take place in the vitreous humor. The microscopic fibers begin to accumulate in the eyes and some sort of the debris get attached to them when the light passes, casting shadows which are called eye floaters.
  • Injuries in Eye: Eye floaters can be experienced when one faces an accident or get eye injury due to hitting an object. Hence, in most of the cases it is found that eye floaters are likely to develop if you have faced an accident or something like that so.
  • Inflammation: Whenever one develops an infection or there is inflammation in the eyes, eye floaters may develop in some individuals.
  • Certain Deposits in the Eyes: Certain debris or crystals deposit in the eyes, basically in the vitreous humor which interferes with the lights passing to the back of the eye and thus causes eye floaters.
  • Diabetic Retinopathy: Eye floaters can also be caused due to diabetes. This disease can damage the blood vessels and the retina may not read the images thus causing eye floaters. Other reasons of eye floaters might be migraine headache or the intraocular tumors present inside the eyes of an individual. The eye floaters are mostly seen after the age of 50 and most of the people face it by the age of 70. Children do not develop it as children are born with clear vitreous humor and as such they do not develop eye floaters.

Symptoms of Eye Floaters:

The symptoms that can tell an individual that he or she has developed eye floaters are as follows:

  • Moves and Interrupts Vision: These floaters being present in the fluid, move inside the eyes and come in the way of clear vision. They dart when one tries to focuses on it
  • Formation of Structures inside Eyes: One may develop certain structures like black or gray dots, threadlike strands, squiggly lines, cobwebs etc.
  • Gradually Becomes Big: When one develops eye floaters they do not get wiped away and they tend to grow with time
  • Eye Bleeding and Other Severe Symptoms: Some of the serious symptoms of eye floaters include bleeding of the eye, retinal tear or retinal detachment of the eyes.

Though most people ignore eye floaters, but it is better to consult doctor when you feel that you have developed such symptoms that might turn into serious problem for your eyes health ad vision in future. You can take the help of European Heath Insurance Card specially offered to European people and get advanced medical assistance in all the 28 European countries for treatment of the eye floaters on time.
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October 10, 2014 |

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