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Your Eyes And What You May Not Know About Them

Picture of your eye | VancouverEyeGuide

Until you experience problems with your eyes, such as glaucoma, cataracts, or having to wear glasses or contact lenses, it can be easy to take them for granted. They may be small, but your eyes work incredibly hard for you every day, providing a plethora of information about the environment around you.   But how much do you really know about those tiny little organs that sit in your head?

Facts About Your Eyes

Paul Gill Opticians have put together a handy infographic that details 18 interesting and eye-opening facts and stats about eyes that you may or may not know. For example, did you know that every single person who has blue eyes shares a common ancestor somewhere along the timeline? Or how about the fact that during an average lifetime your eyes will see around 24 million different images?

You can find more amazing facts about your peepers in the infographic below, along with some great tips for taking care of your eyes and ensuring they stay healthy and serve you well! For example, if you work with computer screens you should take regular breaks to prevent eye strain; and be sure to snack on fruits and vegetables to ensure your eyes get the vitamins and minerals they need in order to function optimally.

Facts about your eyes | VancouveEyeGuide


December 8, 2016 |

Ways To Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

Improve eyesight naturally | Noticedwebsites

Improve eyesight | Noticedwebsites Imagine living a life with poor vision or with a particular eye-related disorder? Isn’t the thought itself of living a life with bad eyesight petrifying! Sadly, most of us, don’t take good care of our eyes despite knowing the profound significance of them in our lives. Sure, in today’s world, it can be difficult to find the time to take care of our eyes, but, taking care of our eyesight’s in today’s times is essential more than ever.

Improve Eyesight Naturally Hacks

With the objective to assist you to improve your eyesight naturally, we have put down a list of effective tips that should help you in sharpening your vision. Read further to know these hacks.

1. Eat the right foods

First and foremost, ensure that you eat foods that promote better eye health. It is imperative to incorporate those foods into your meals that fetch your eyes all essential nutrients that it needs to function better.

Leafy green vegetables, for instance, is a must-have for a better eyesight. Start eating spinach, kale and chard, if you aren’t already. Even carrots do a great job in improving eyesight naturally. Then, cold fishes such as salmon that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids too are great for your vision. In addition, fruits such as oranges, lemons and grapefruit are also effective. Moreover, it is also important to consume right vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, and E, for good eye health.

2. ‘No’ to smoking

Smoking is highly and irrefutably injurious to health, and smoking may lead to macular degeneration in the later stages of the life. It can also cause cataracts. If you fancy seeing your way to a future of longevity, then make sure you quit smoking.

3. Rest your eyes

Unfortunately, we live such hectic and busy lives that we forget to take breaks during our work days. The advice here is not to sleep in your working hours, but a few minutes of closed-eyes will do you more good than harm. You will be doing your eyes a big favour by taking a break for about 10 minutes for every 50 minutes that you spent in front of the screen.

Follow that 10-10-10 rule. This means that you should look at something 10 feet away for 10 seconds for every 10 minutes you spend in front of a screen.

4. Sunglasses

Don’t forget to wear UV protection sunglasses every time you step out under the sun. Too much exposure to ultraviolet light can cause macular degeneration and cataracts. Therefore, make sure you don’t forget your sunnies when outside.

5. Eye exercises

Performing daily eye exercises can really help you in improving eyesight naturally and quickly. A couple of eye exercises provide enormous help in strengthening the eyes and in improving overall eye vision.

Improve Eyesight Naturally Exercises

Below mentioned are a few eye exercises that you can perform on a daily basis:

a. Palming
Here, you are expected to apply heat to your closed eyes by rubbing your palms together and then gently placing them over your closed eyes. Make sure you hold your hands over the eyes for about 10 seconds and feel the muscles of your eyes relaxing. Stay in this position until the heat is completely absorbed by the eyes. Repeat this exercise at least thrice.

b. Blinking
Keep your eyes open and blink them for about 10 times quickly. Then close your eyes for about 20 seconds. Repeat this exercise for about four to five times.

c. Focusing
Take a pen and hold it at an arm’s length. Focus your eyes on the pen, and slowly bring the pen closer to your nose. Slowly move the pen backwards, keeping your eyes focused on the pen.

d. Massaging the temples
With the help of your thumb knuckles, massage your temples in small circles for at least 20 times in one direction and 20 in the other. It is a good idea to repeat the movement above the midpoint of the eyebrows at the forehead and then under the eyes.

e. Nose tip gazing
Make a fist with the right hand, now keep your thumb facing upward. Focus both your eyes on the tip of your thumb. Then, slowly and gradually, bring the thumb to the tip of the nose, and all the while having your eyes focused on the tip of the thumb. Ensure that you remain in this position for a while. Perform at least four to five rounds.

f. Up and down viewing
Sit straight, placing both fists on the knees. Now slowly raise the right thumb keeping the arms straight. Raise the thumb to the maximum height, and slowly bring it down to the starting position, keeping the eyes focused on the thumb all the while. Perform the same movements with the left thumb. Follow this exercise for at least five times with each thumb.

g. Rotational viewing
Sit straight, place the left hand on the left knee and hold the right fist above the right knee, keeping the thumb pointing upwards. Focus your eyes on the thumb and make a circle with the thumb. Repeat rotational viewing at least five times each in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. Repeat this process even with the left thumb.

6. Sleep well
Lack of sleep can create a havoc in your eyes. Poor sleep can weaken your eyes, and so a good and sufficient sleep of 8 hours is pertinent to good eye health.

7. Drink plenty of water
Increase your water intake and ensure you drink at least 8 glasses of water. Lack of water in your body may make your eyes dry and blurry.

Summary to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

Eye disorders have undeniably become rampant, and most of these disorders are related to ocular muscles malfunctioning due to emotional stress. Generally speaking, these disorders are usually covered with powerful glasses and lenses. It is, however, important to note that these glasses don’t cure bad eyesight. But, by religiously following the above mentioned tips, you will be doing a big favour to your improving your diminished eyesight.

About the Author:

Clair has worked in pharma industry for long but now she runs her blog Beautynskincare.com. When she is not blogging, she is building sandcastles with her daughter or probably is just hanging out with friends. Read her article Top 5 Natural Organic Kohls or get in touch with her on twitter @vairclair

October 24, 2016 |

Younger Looking Eyes

Bright eyed child | NoticedWebsites.com

Bright eyed child | NoticedWebsites.comBeauty experts say that it’s the eyes that people first notice that you are aging. Another point is that when people look at you, most of them notice your eyes first. So, it’s necessary that you take the right steps to have younger looking eyes if you want to avoid aged looks. 

Tips for younger looking eyes


December 4, 2014 |

Eye Floaters: Causes And Symptoms

Picture of your eye | VancouverEyeGuide

Picture of an human eyeSometimes you may notice tiny strings or specks in the area of your vision when they look at the bright sky or a blank paper or any other object that is reflecting. These are eye floaters. Eye floaters are small spots that move in the field of vision. They float inside your eye and they are present in the fluid of the eyes. They generally do not cause any problem like discomfort or pain in the eyes.

Many people ignore eye floaters and they live with this for the rest of their lives. But sometimes it becomes a serious condition and it gives rise to serious problems like bleeding from the eye, retinal detachment or retinal tear. So medical attention must be sought if you feel it’s in a serious condition and you need doctor’s help to get rid of this


October 10, 2014 |

What Your Eyes Tell You About Your Health

Close up of an eye | VancouverEyeGuide.com

Close up of an eye | VancouverEyeGuide.comEyes are very important as indicators of impending health hazards, and it would be great if you can see the hazards in time and take a precautionary stand. Our eyes are excellent manifestations of the overall health of our body and our tired eyes warn us when something is wrong. Here are some of the signs and symptoms that indicate whether or not we’re keeping good health.

Examples of some eye symptoms and how to decipher them


February 23, 2014 |

Trendy Eyeglass Styles

Sample of eye glasses

Sample of eye glassesModern day eyeglasses are totally different compared to the eye wear of the past. With innovative ideas, contemporary trends in the product line and developments in the eye wear industry, a wide assortment of trendy and stylish eyeglasses is available in today’s market.

It was a common feeling among many that prescription eye wear had no variety. But lately this statement has been proven wrong by the numerous eye wear brands that are involved in the manufacturing of designer glasses, catering to people who need corrective vision by coming up with the latest range of trendy and elegant eyeglasses. (more…)

January 31, 2014 |

Ways in which You Can Improve Your Eye Sight

Close up of an eye | VancouverEyeGuide.com

Close up of an eye | VancouverEyeGuide.comEye sight is the best gift that a human is given and it’s our responsibility to preserve the same. Often we tend to lose our natural eye sight with time and age and blame it on other factors. But eye sight is something that is affected by our habits and lifestyle choices, and there are certain ways in which we can stop that from happening

Tips to improve your eye sight (more…)

November 6, 2013 |

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